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Any day from today to 25th May.

Contents insurance

 We ask that all customers have goods cover in place. Simply select how much it would cost to replace the value of the items being stored and we’ll add the cost of this cover to your bill. 

If you would like to obtain your own goods cover please choose the minimum amount to confirm the booking, send a copy of your own cover to christchurch@boxsafestorage.co.uk and we will remove our cover. 
Insurance cover cost
/4 weeks (inc. tax)

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Important Information

1. When you book you will be asked to set up a customer account and add your card details which are encrypted but you will not be charged until the day you move in.
2. You can move your start date or cancel at any time with no charge.  

3. Please send a copy of your photo ID to christchurch@boxsafestorage.co.uk or send a photo to our business WhatsApp account - 07354848521.

4. Your access information will be sent to you via email on the day of move in. 

If you have any questions at all please email or call us - 01202 148081. 
Payments are secure and encrypted.

160 sq ft

Size of a large single garage

Billed every 4 weeks
Total (inc. tax)